Technology to Help You Lose Weight? Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Your Journey to Health

Your smartphone may be good for more than social media and texting; they can be a secret weapon to propel you towards your weight loss goals. With all the app trackers out there, maintaining your health and wellness is easier than ever before. We are told that one of the best things we can do for our health is to turn off our cell phones. But now, our smartphones can wield numerous health and safety features to help us on the road to healthy living.

We live in a digital world and this has both potential drawbacks and benefits. It is up to us to find the balance between spending too much of our time behind a screen and using technology to enhance our lives. While we often shame those who obsessively use technology as shutting out the real world and the experiences it has to offer, living a healthful life and utilizing technology are not mutually exclusive!

At NJdiet, weight loss and the overall wellness of our clients are our number one priority.  By
utilizing bloodwork and performing DNA testing on each of our clients, we can determine each individual’s idea diet and workout plan. We customize supplementation along with a personalized diet plan to help every patient attain their weight and health goals. 

Below, we’ve compiled our best tips for using technology as a weapon to help you lose weight and take control of your health!

Medical ID

For any iPhone 4s or newer models, Apple’s Medical ID allows the device to be used as a mobile medical alert bracelet. By simply tapping on the phone’s health app icon, you can configure the app to allow doctors or emergency service workers to tap and hold the emergency button on the home screen.

Even when the phone is locked, doctors and emergency service works can now have access to medical conditions, allergies, blood type and medical contacts stored on your phone. During the summer time, when the heat and humidity are up and outdoor activities are in full swing, this app has the potential to save lives from outdoor hazards like heat related injuries and allergic reactions.

Fitness Tracking

Most smartphones are now equipped with sensors that are designed to monitor steps, distance traveled, stairs climbed, and myriad other metrics. For instance, on iPhone, utilizing that same health app previously mentioned, one could click on the dashboard and open a pane that shows steps, running distances, and the number of flights climbed.  Furthermore, the metrics can be organized into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual totals. Setup is not required for this feature but to get the most accurate metrics, it is recommended that the phone is carried in your hand, jacket, or jeans pocket.

Similarly, some Samsung Galaxy model phones come with a health app called S Health. S Health works similarly to its Apple counterpart and performs tracking of steps, runs, flights, and other movements. It even measures calories burned, though this feature does require a bit of setup for the most reliable results.

Heart Rate Monitors

The S Health app offered by Samsung also has a feature that allows you to monitor and measure your heart rate. By tapping the orange heart icon with an EKG-like line running through it, you are prompted to edit your profile with your name, gender, birthday, height, weight and activity level. Once this information is filled, save it and you are taken back to the orange screen. By touching “measure” after that, you are prompted to place your finger at the bottom of the pane on the infrared sensor next to the camera on the back of the device. Once the phone is done reading it will notify you as to whether you are in a healthy range for your demographic’s average resting heart rates. This data can be stored and tracked over time, so you can look for trends and stay on top of your overall fitness.

It is worth noting that Samsung makes no medical claims as to the accuracy of the device, but the app is on par in accuracy with other devices that offer this feature such as the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other wearable tech. Even more interestingly, you can use this same app and device to get a rough reading on your oxygen saturation. This is a feature that athletes and asthma sufferers alike will find extremely beneficial. The app even offers a location for nutrition tracking too! Indeed, Samsung’s S Health app offers a plethora of features that can be used by anyone to take control over their health.

Diet Improvement

At NJdiet, we understand life can be busy and leave us clamoring in

directions. In that sort of chaotic environment, it can be difficult and time consuming to eat healthy. That’s where an app tracker can help. Apps such as Cron-O-Meter can be downloaded to your smart phone and assist you in tracking what exactly you’re eating. This data can help you add more nutritious foods, cut back on the not so good ones, and learn new healthy recipes! Studies have shown that keeping a food journal is beneficial for overall weight loss and this app tracker can provide just that. This app tracker can reconnect us onto what exactly it is that we are putting into our bodies.

When you decide to change your life by attending the Initial Evaluation and Consultation at NJdiet, we will explain how our unique individualized system works to
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Meeting Your Fitness Goals

The gym can be expensive, public, and time consuming but fitness is an important variable in living a healthier life. For those who would rather pass on the gym, they can always try a fitness app. A recent study found that those who use fitness apps are more likely to exercise during their down time than a non-user would. One fitness app, 8fit, allows the user to create a customized fitness plans, utilize tailored workouts and most importantly to track progress. Other fitness apps even go as far as including personalized video workouts for users. Your smartphone essentially becomes your very own personal trainer!

Wearable tech like Apple Watches and Fitbits can also contribute to your health journey by giving you a better understanding of your activity levels every day. While they are certainly a bit costlier than apps, when used in conjunction with app trackers, the fitness dividends paid out are astronomical!

NJdiet uses personalized genetic testing to assess each individual’s specific
needs for essential vitamins, plus many more metabolic factors are assessed genetically to make sure you stay healthy for years to come.



Of course, moderation is key. Tech has the potential to be extremely detrimental or tremendously beneficial to our overall health. It is all dependent on how we consciously utilize it. If we can find a balance in our lives between tech, fitness, nutrition, and our relationships with family, friends, and work, then we will have found ourselves well on the way to living healthful lives! And that has been our goal at NJdiet since day one!

We welcome the opportunity for you to have a consultation at NJ
. A consultation is normally $99, but by registering on our website it will only cost $27!
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“NJ Diet Utilizes DNA Testing To Determine Your Ideal Diet And Workout Plan

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Attending the Initial Evaluation and Consultation is normally $99, but by registering on our website it will only cost $27!