About us

Our 4 component approach that makes it possible to lose
20-40 lbs. or more of fat in only 40 days!

1st Component

Using hair, saliva, and bloodwork samples along with our proprietary bio-energetic balancing scans we can energetically customize the supplements with laser-like precision to help every patient attain their weight and health goals.

2nd Component

You are on a hormone healing diet for 40 days allowing your body to heal itself inside out. We help monitor this process every step of the way.

3rd Component

You come into our office every 10-14 days to make sure you are burning fat and not losing water. We also provide the doctor’s personal e-mail and phone number, if you ever have any questions or issues you can contact the doctor directly.

4th Component

We make sure you don’t put the weight back on!

This last of our four part approach is what allows you to reset your body weight set point so that you can maintain your weigh loss for the rest of your life!

  1. We give a personalized calorie count, specifically calculated for your body type.
  2. We give you 10 different eating tools so you know exactly how to eat – even if you are 2-3 pounds over your end of program weight.
  3. We use DNA testing that shows your specific preferences and predispositions for types of diet, exercise programs, vitamins and nutritional needs. In all, we genetically assess over 40 different factors for keeping your weight off and staying healthy.
  4. We will also do a bio-energetic scan at the end of the program that tells you which foods your body shows a biological preference to.

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