We start with hair and and saliva samples and bloodwork assessment, as well our proprietary bio-energetic balancing scans, we are able to bio energetically personalize natural supplements for each individual to help get the weight off. We then use DNA testing which shows your specific preferences and predispositions for types of diet, exercise programs, vitamins and nutritional needs. In all, we genetically assess over 40 different factors for keeping your weight off and staying healthy.

Everyone is monitored twice a week to make sure you’re actually burning fat and not merely losing water weight. You’ll also get the doctor’s email and phone number so you can reach out directly whenever you have a question or concern.

Once you’re at goal, we’ll make sure you have all the tools and information you need to maintain your weight loss, as well as your newly established healthy lifestyle, well into the future.

Studies have shown that the body stores fat in different areas to protect those areas due to hormonal imbalances. The personalized supplements and eating plan help the body start balancing hormones naturally which then allows fat to burn of from the necessary areas of the body.

Immediately!! We guarantee 20pounds in 40 days. Women typically lose 25-35 pounds and men lose 35-45 pounds in 40 days.

That’s about a pound a day.

The results are almost instant.

Within the first week, clients are down 7-10 pounds!!

We have many different programs and their costs vary greatly. The costs are predicated on a clients body composition analysis, our proprietary metabolic function assessment calculations, health history, payment plans, and a number of other factors which are explained during the initial consultation.

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