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224lbs vs 192lbs

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September 14, 2020

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September 7, 2020

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March 1 -August 15

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August 17,2020

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19 lbs off

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Days 1 vs 40 results

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Day 1- Day 4

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“Best decision of my life!”

Dr. T and his staff know what they are doing! The 40-day program works, I’ve lost 19 lbs based on my body and weight. Best decision of my life! It takes commitment and you will see results!


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“I was ready for better health”

First of all I want to thank you for bringing us your fantastic Diet program.

My wife Zina and I started this diet on Oct. 20, 14 I can report to you that today 27 days later I lost 36 lbs. i also lost my Diabetes.36 days ago my glucose count was minimum 150/200. today it is 97 to 105.

My sleep apnea is gone no more snoring. I was told I was louder than a train. I stored away my cpap machine.

BTW I did stop the medformin as you predicted.

Shoshana G

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“I feel like a brand new me”

I finished the NUVO Fat Loss program and lost 18 lbs. which for my frame is like losing the 40 lbs. of some. I am so pleased with my achievement, and I find what is most interesting is a lack of need or interest in overeating. Thank you and thank Marina for helping me along the way.

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