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Gavriel F

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“I feel like I see life in a very different kind of way”

I lost 25 pounds!

I really think you guys for all of the encouragement and support. The system is pretty amazing. However, the largest dose of my thanks goes to my wonderful wife who took this responsibility squarely on her shoulders. This diet was much harder on her than it was on me!

Regarding physical health benefits, I actually just went to my regular doctor yesterday for my annual physical. He obviously was happy to see my weight-loss, and my blood pressure was stellar. I will be getting my lab results hopefully today or tomorrow. I can keep you posted on the results!

Actually think that the biggest benefit for me, aside from just feeling great from losing excess poundage, was the “spiritual” element of this whole thing.it’s the kind of thing that I don’t think anyone who hasn’t done this program or something similar can relate to. Maybe I’m wrong. But here goes: I feel like this program has made me much more conscious of my relationship with food. It has certainly made me less reliant on food. It has made me feel more like a “person” this detachment from food I feel has allowed me to grow as a person. I feel like I see life in a very different kind of way. I don’t know if this sounds too corny or strange, but so be it!


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“Life before losing weight was so difficult”

As for Sunday I went for a hike in the woods and I know that two weeks ago if would have been extremely difficult. Your system works. My goal is to get under 200 lbs.

Deborah M

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“Words cannot describe how grateful I am”

For 12 years I have struggled with my weight during and after menopause and I have tried everything. Thank God for someone like you that understood how detrimental it is for a women to gain so much weight during those years. I lost 27 pounds following you diet. I am going to be 59 and I will celebrate this amazing accomplishment thanks to you.

Anne M

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“We are different people- healthy, young, full of energy and for that we will be forever grateful.”

Firstly, I want to thank you for completely changing our lives. We are different people- healthy, young, full of energy and for that we will be forever grateful. I was 100 % skeptible as a registered nurse. When Tino told me about your program I told him to forget about because there is no way a person 1lb per day and it be healthy for the person. After he kept talking about it, I agreed to go with him to the consultation. Tino has suffered with an autoimmune disease for the past 17 years, his mother died at age 51. He was on chemotherapy, steroids, pain meds and vitamins. The chemo makes him “mean” and difficult to live with.

A number of times I told his doctor that I will get divorced and call her as a witness for making him take these horrible meds. The kids know by his mood when he has taken the chemo. By day 3, he was off all pain meds. By day 20, chemo pills were cut in half. He received IV infusion every 6 weeks, which during the program was increased to 7 weeks and then 8 weeks. At the last visit Tino asked them to increase it to 9 weeks, but the doctor is fearful- he told them I have no pain, stop the nonsense!

I did the program to support him and as an added benefit changed my life as well. Who knew I would benefit as well! He only needed 1 cycle and continued to lose weight. He is now down to 165 from I think 225 and feels good at that weight. I just completed cycle 2 and will come in next week for my final scan.

I called the office today to reschedule my appointment because I was suppose to go to LI office. I spoke to Marina and she told me to email you. ( I fit into my 17 year olds size 4 jeans the other day and I started at a size 16. I was wondering if it would be possible to do an abbreviated program in the winter.

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