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Dennis – I’ve Learned So Much

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“NJDiet Saved My Life!”

NJDiet saved my life! I’m Dennis, and I started NJDiet at 347 lbs. I did the first set of NJDiet. I’m 299 lbs now and I feel great. I have learned so much about my body and food, and what I was doing wrong for so long. I know it’s not over. It’s just the beginning.


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“I was very skeptical about it and now I’m a believer!”

Dear Dr. Turovets,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and tell you that the NJDiet Diet program is amazing!Originally, I was very skeptical about it and now I’m a believer! I am more than halfway through the plan and down 20lbs! I feel better! I’m not hungry and food temptations are gone! This program is easy to use and having the support of you and your team, makes it easy to stay on track. Before NJDiet Diet, I tried many other diets. I suffered from high blood pressure and fatigue. I was also loosing my hair. I felt older and was uncomfortable with my body.

My doctor told me that if I didn’t lose the weight, I would not be here for much longer. I had already suffered chest pain about 5 years ago at the age of 42. Fortunately, the tests were negative for a heart attack. Considering that I got a second chance, I have you to thank for digging me out of this dieting hole. What really convinced me to join your program was when you said that, you can’t put premium gas in a car with a gunked up engine and expect it to work like new! That made sense to me and I’m happy with the results so far! NOW… My blood pressure is within normal range! No more meds! My hair is showing signs of new hair growth! I feel healthier than ever! I have more energy and I sleep better too. The best compliment I’ve received so far, was when a close friend of mine told me that I look so young and well rested! This was before they noticed that I had lost some weight 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the final results and getting control of my life! I truly believe that my yo-yo dieting days are over! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and bringing this diet to the masses. I truly believe that you’ve unlocked the secrets to the “fountain of youth”.

E. F.

* Individual Results may vary

A Letter To A Friend

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“To Frank, From David”

Dear Frank,

Just heard that you will soon be starting the NUVO fat loss Program.

The cynic that I am I did not immediately jump into this. On the advice of a brilliant Biochemist/Diagnostician friend who analyzed the science of this Program, he too did this Program and subsequently dropped 50 pounds.

My wife and I started this Program last March. Claire dropped 20 pounds — 140 to 120; I dropped 30 — 221 to 191. We were both in excellent health before and feel even better now. We’ve both maintained our new weight. The Program will provide “tools” or tips how to quickly drop any added pounds should your weight increase after a big meal, drinks, etc.

Result: My regular physicians including my Cardiologist and Internists are delighted with my new weight. Blood test results are all right where they should be. Claire and I both feel great, lots of energy, and a whole new wardrobe that just happened to be in our closet!

Wishing you well.

Warm regards,


* Individual Results may vary

D. Morgan – Boy Was I Wrong

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“No one on the planet is more amazed than myself!”

Dr. Turovets,  No one on the planet is more amazed than myself! I was not about call anyone a lyre , but I just could not fathom  how this would work for me. Boy was I wrong…not only does it work, it also changes the way you look at alcohol/ sugar….forever.  You and your fine staff gave the right amount of support.  In a weak moment I turned to the first page ‘Don’t Cheat’…the rest is history.   
A believer, D.Morgan

* Individual Results may vary

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