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William K – Lost 32lbs

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“I thank you and the staff for getting me to this point”

Dr. Turovets,
 My name is William K and I am dropping a line to first say thank you, Lori, and the staff for pointing out the problem I have had with my weight and why losing weight can be impossible without the proper help.
I have been in a funk for many years and with that funk came the weight gains. Any Dr. that you go to does not want to talk about the elephant in the room, I know, couldn’t pass on that one, but they love to write the blood pressure meds that doesn’t address the aches and pains that are stopping you from exercising even a little bit. With this program I am on day 37 and have stayed the course with little to no problems.
My weight is down approx. 32lbs but more importantly I feel the difference in my knees legs and back. I thank you and the staff for getting me to this point ending phase 2 and heading to phase 3. I have to say this program addresses the why’s of weight gain and gives you a way to get the weight off.  I am looking forward to entering phase 4 &5.. and staying the course. One day you might need a spokesman..
Bill K

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lost 20 lbs in 23 days

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“I just wanted to update you on my story. Success!!”

Hi Doc & Lori ,
I just wanted to update you on my story. Success!! Lost 20.6 pounds in 23 days on the program. My body fat has improved from 30.1% to 26%, and muscle mass gone from 28.3% to 30.4%. Water has gone from 56% to 59.1%. These numbers indicate to me that the weight I’ve lost is fat, not water or muscle tissue.

HERE’S THE BEST PART: I was averaging a morning blood sugar of 170 on medication prior to the program. I’ve GRADUALLY stopped all 3 diabetes meds because I’m now averaging blood sugar of 92. Blood sugar 86 this morning! Went to the endocrinologist yesterday. She was ecstatic about my blood work and that I am off all diabetes meds. A1C level improved to 6.4 from 8 in May.
I told my doctor that on Saturday, August 1, at my nephew’s graduation party, I was VERY bad. I ate my way across the buffet, desserts, chocolates to a point that would have driven my sugar to 350 by the next morning. It was only 117! (Weight went up a little, but within 2 days it had come off along with further loss.)
She said that is because my system is working normally as it was designed to regarding processing sugars and that I should stay off meds as long as levels remain good. Next appointment is 4 months instead of 3. If all remains the same, my appointments will go to every 6 months!

She had to sign a Department of Transportation semiannual form for my diabetic condition. She noted on the form that my condition in controlled with diet alone, no medications! If I can maintain these levels for 2 years, I will no longer be considered as diabetic.

So far, all is great, and I expect my weight to drop into the 180’s range for the first time in 30 years during the coming week!

* Individual Results may vary

Sonia – I am a size 6 in slacks from a size 22!!!

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“I am a size 6 in slacks from a size 22!!!”

Your wife asked me to send her my BEFORE and AFTER pictures…

I will be in the office next Thursday, but right now here are some recent photos I took with my granddaughter, Jenna , who is a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader–so next to her I’m a little large but I am a size 6 in slacks from a size 22!!!

Cannot believe this…
see you next week

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Barry D- I lost 40 pounds in 40 days

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“Barry D – People I know can’t believe it.”

Hi Dr. T,

Of course you know it works – I have to admit I was a little nervous at the beginning if the diet would work as well as you promised and how could I do it and not be hungry.  Well you figured it all out.  I was able to stick with it and wasn’t starving and even had a day where I made cupcakes and a birthday cake with my son and cooked a bar-B-Q for the family and didn’t eat it – kept to my diet and it wasn’t that bad – was just the psychological part that was a little tough, so I kept busy and got through it.  I actually lost a little over 40 pounds in 40 days and still there as I near the end of phase 4.  Attached are some before and after photos.  People I know can’t believe it.

 I am not a big vegetable eater (at least I wasn’t) so I found that using the nutribullet RX that makes soup worked great for me.  I had soup for almost every lunch and dinner, added the pink salt, some sweetleaf sugar substitute and garlic and onion powders and it made a relatively thick soup that made eating the large amount of vegetables easier than all the crunching.  Some times I would actually also add tuna or small shrimp (from cans), or the browned ground bison / lean beef, to the soup which gave it more flavor and body.  It was also very easy.Bottom line is don’t cheat and it works and now I enjoy fruits and vegetables more than I ever did.

With  a wife, 6 kids and one grand child living with me at home – I have to be healthy for them and me.

Thank you!

Barry D

* Individual Results may vary

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