Supervised Weight Loss

Losing weight on your own is never easy, and keeping it off long-term is even more challenging.

If you’re tired of failed diets and pounds that just won’t disappear no matter what you do, our supervised weight loss program could finally put you on the road to success.

At, our scientifically sound approach has already helped thousands of people just like you reach their weight loss and health goals. Through our proprietary bio-energetic testing, blood work assessment, and individual DNA analysis, our nutritionally certified experts will personalize natural solutions and supplements to help you burn fat and lose the weight and get healthy

And we’ll have your back throughout every step of your weight loss journey, providing all of the supervision and support you need to stay on track and succeed.

Is A Supervised Weight Loss Program Right for You?

Shedding the fat and improving your physical fitness can add years to your life, enhance your appearance, and raise your self-esteem. But if you’ve been struggling with extra pounds, you already know that losing weight is more complicated than merely eating less and moving more.

The fact is, being overweight or obese is a chronic health condition that requires ongoing management. To succeed at weight loss once and for all, you need the knowledge and tools to consistently make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

Unlike the latest one-size-fits-all crash diets and temporary fitness fads, our fully supervised weight loss program empowers patients to choose a healthier lifestyle through the use of personalized nutrition and exercise plans, bio-energetic supplementation customized to their unique needs, and comprehensive monitoring by nutritionally certified personnel.

A 4-Part Plan for Weight Loss Success

With our 4-part approach to our supervised weight loss, most patients lose 25-45 plus pounds. in just 40 days!!

  • Using our proprietary bio-energetic balancing scans, together with an analysis of your hair, saliva, and blood samples, we’ll customize a plan for eating, exercise, and supplementation that’s perfectly attuned to your individual biology and genetic characteristics.
  • You’ll follow a hormone-healing diet for 40 days, allowing your body to regenerate and recharge from the inside out.
  • You’ll be monitored every 3-4 days, to ensure you’re burning fat and not merely losing water weight. You’ll also have the nutrition coach’s email address and phone number, so you can always reach out directly with questions and concerns.
  • We provide all the resources you need to get to goal and maintain your weight loss, including a calorie count personalized for your body type; 10 specific correction days if your weight goes up by even 2 pounds , DNA Diet Testing to assess more than 40 genetic factors that influence weight loss; and a bio-energetic scan at the end of the program, so you know which foods bio- energetically weaken or stress your body.

Throughout the program, you’ll be supervised and supported by a team of nutritionally certified professionals dedicated 100% to your success.

Learn More About Our Supervised Weight Loss Program is committed to helping everyone who walks through our doors attain their weight loss goals and reach optimum health.

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