DNA Diet Testing

If you’ve been struggling to drop unwanted pounds, the answer might lie within your genes.

Genetic traits influence everything from the body’s ability to metabolize certain foods to the way it responds to exercise. And because everyone’s body is different, there’s a good chance the latest one-size-fits-all diet craze might not be the best fit for you.

So how can you win the war on fat? You’ve got to listen to your body.

At NJDiet.com, we rely on DNA Diet Testing to assess more than 40 genetic factors known to influence weight and fitness. Then our nutritionally certified personnel can pinpoint which foods, exercises, and supplements will best support your weight loss efforts.

The Science of Nutrigenomics

For generations, conventional wisdom has held that eating less and exercising more will lead to weight loss success. But you already know it’s not that simple. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this website.

The fact is, around 95% of those who do manage to lose weight through diet and exercise gain it back within a few years, and 41% eventually pack on more pounds than they lost.

So why do certain diets work for some, but not for others?

Nutrigenomics – a cutting-edge science that explores the link between genetics, nutrition, and health – aims to answer that question by explaining how our bodies respond to what we eat and drink. The approach makes sense because our genes control hormone levels, enzyme levels, and other components of metabolic health, all of which influence how our bodies utilize the nutrients and calories we consume.

Why You Need to Consider DNA Diet Testing

At NJDiet.com, we believe nutrigenomic testing offers the key to weight loss success.

By analyzing your DNA for more than 40 specific genetic factors, we gain valuable insight into how your body processes and burns the foods you eat. Maybe a particular gene variant causes you to gain weight when you consume too many saturated fats, or perhaps you’re unable to metabolize foods high in carbohydrates or sugar efficiently.

Other genetic factors impact everything from the effects of dietary fat on body composition to the hormones that regulate appetite.  Whatever the issues might be, DNA Diet Testing makes it possible for our nutritionally certified team of experts to determine your best approach for you.

But weight loss isn’t the only way you’ll benefit from a nutrigenomic approach to wellness.  Our DNA Diet Testing will also determine if you’re predisposed to certain nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities, so you’ll know what foods to avoid and what natural supplements to incorporate into your personalized program of diet and exercise.

The Evidence for a DNA-Based Diet

One of the most famous was conducted at Stanford University and involved 141 women following four popular diets: very low fat, low carb, very low carb, and the standard government-recommended plan. By the end of one year, the participants following genetically matched diets had lost 2.5-times more weight than those who weren’t.

In another study involving 34 enrollees in an employer-based weight loss program, those on a DNA-based diet lost twice as much weight as those on a standard regimen. And in a third study out of Denmark involving 7,700 people on a DNA diet, 9 out of 10 participants saw success, with some losing as much as 26 lbs. in just four weeks.

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We’re committed to helping every one of our patients meet their weight loss and health goals through the use of DNA Diet testing, bioenergetically personalized supplements, and customized plans for nutrition and exercise.

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