Maintaining Willpower And Motivation Regarding Weight-Loss Goals

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It’s a New Year, and you may have resolved that 2019 will be the year you finally conquer the extra weight, and embark on the journey towards healthier eating and wellness. However as we head into January, sometimes it is easy to lose the motivation and willpower to stay on track, especially when we are back to our day-to-day routines and hectic lifestyles. Now that a New Year is finally here, you may find yourself needing to refocus on your health and wellness goals.

At NJ Diet, we are here to help you stay on track and succeed in 2019!  Our program is not only aimed at promoting healthy weight loss, but aims to improve your total wellness — where the side effect is weight loss, but the end result is better overall health and well being!  

Joining our program is the first step towards your New Year’s goals to get healthier in 2019. 

However, if you find yourself having trouble staying on track regarding your weight-loss and exercise resolutions, we wanted to share some helpful tips to maintain your motivation and keep working toward your goals in order that you can be your BEST SELF for the New Year — and beyond!



When you’re trying to reach your weight goal, it can sometimes feel like temptations are around the corner everywhere you look.: snacks at the checkout line, and cake and cookies as treats in your office. However the following simple tips can help you maintain your willpower and keep you moving ahead toward your goals.

Outline Your New Year’s Goals

If you are finding that your healthy eating habits and exercise routine is starting to wane a bit in the New Year, revisit your goals and set new ones — week by week, month by month.  Setting goals and completing them each week — getting enough sleep, adding exercise back into your routine, or making self-care a priority —  is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Use these weight loss motivation tips for extra support along the way.

In addition, remember to celebrate your victories, no matter how big or small! This will help motivate you, post-holiday, as you work towards your new weekly and long-term targets.

Sleep Should Be A Priority

Post-holiday season is the perfect time to reevaluate your schedule and consider focusing on your bedtime routine. Better sleep doesn’t just help you feel more rested, it can also support your weight loss goals. Research shows that too little sleep can cause you to feel hungry and may increase the likelihood that you’ll reach for unhealthy foods, especially late at night. What’s more, poor sleep is linked to a higher body mass index and weight gain.

By simply practicing good sleep habits — such as avoiding caffeine before bed —  you will start to find yourself falling into a better sleeping routine. It is recommended that adults aim for seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

Keep Your Exercise Routine On Track

Exercise helps you not only to burn calories and keep you heart healthy, but can also motivate you to keep on track. There is a strong link between exercise and mood; even five minutes of moderate exercise, such as taking a walk or riding a bike, can be enough to lift your spirits.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of aerobic activity weekly plus muscle training on two or more days per week.  Even if you have little time to fit in a ‘full’ workout, try to incorporate some movement into your day by making simple changes such as parking your car further away from your destination, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Hydration Is Key

If you are feeling sluggish after over-indulging over the holidays and are finding it hard to get back on track, it may be time to start tracking how much water you’re drinking each day. Water is critical to our health — and can even help with weight loss. In fact, studies show that drinking a 16 oz. bottle of water spikes your metabolic rate by 30 percent!   Take into account that you should drink more fluids if you are exercising.  In addition to water, tea and sparkling water are also good options. A great way to ensure you are drinking enough throughout the day is to get a reusable water bottle that you can have with you at all times, and refill it often!

Set Realistic Goals At Work

With the start of a new year, at work you might feel pressure to over-schedule yourself (especially if you took time off over the holiday season.)  But rather than stress yourself in the workplace, start the year by creating and setting realistic, achievable goals. Manage your stress at work by setting smaller goals to help you prioritize the tasks you need to complete each day. You can also do well to minimize your work stress by scheduling a daily lunchtime walk or other exercise at work; and if find yourself in a creative slump, take a quick break and head outdoors – it really can help to clear the mind, and help keep you on track!

Additional Tips To Help You Conquer Your Weight-Loss Goals

  • Stock Your Kitchen With Healthy Items:
    Unhealthy snacks can be tempting because often times, they are so easy to grab. The solution is to make healthy options just as easy to grab! For example, keep cut celery, broccoli, cucumbers, and other veggies at hand so that before you’re already too hungry, you can eat a quick, “no-guilt” snack.
  • Motivate Yourself By Visualization:
    It is suggested that people should post images or pictures of how they want to look, in a place they’ll see it every day (such as on the refrigerator), as a daily reminder to help you remember the vision you have for your long-term goals. Of course, it is important to be careful to choose inspirational images that are realistic. Reinforce your goals in visuals by choosing pictures that are of real people.
  • Use Technology To Help You Achieve Your Goals:
    It’s a simple fact of life that people check their phones around 150 times per day. Since we are addicted to technology, why not use it in a way to help push you toward your goals. Save an image or phrase that inspires and motivates you to stick with your plan and remember your long-term goals. Search for “inspiration,” “motivation” and a keyword that you like and use it as gentle reminders to stay on track and recommit to your diet plan!
  • Be Prepared With Healthy Options And Resources:
    After a long day at work or running around with your kids, the plan to hit the gym often loses out to TV and the couch.  However with a little planning and preparation, you can avoid this trap. Something as simple as keeping your gym bag in your car, so you don’t even come home from work beforehand, can push you towards your exercise class or jog. In addition, carrying a small, healthy snack along with you can definitely help you steer clear of overeating or indulging in something off-plan.
  • Set Up A Plan Of Action At The Office:
    Even the best diet plans can derail when office parties, happy hours, and lunches out with the team pop up. It’s ok to say NO, limit yourself to when and how often you go out, and of course you can still choose wiser options when you do decide to socialize at work.

While your holidays may have been filled with fun and celebrations, it may also have pushed your weight-loss goals to the back-burner.  But as we all know, the New Year is the perfect time to get back into a healthy routine, that aligns with your wellness goals.

So are you ready to make your health and wellness a priority in 2019? If so, NJ Diet can help you to reach the weight-loss and diet goals you want to tackle!

Every factor regulating metabolism, appetite, fat storage & fat burning is carefully energetically tested for success at NJ Diet. We use DNA Testing over 40 different factors are assessed genetically to make sure you keep it off and stay healthy. Our program is not only aimed at promoting healthy weight loss, but aims to improve your total wellness — where the side effect is weight loss, but the end result is better overall health and well being.  

When you come in for your consultation, we will explain how our unique individualized system works to reduce hunger and feel healthier, and how our 4 component approach makes it possible to lose 20-40 lbs. or more of fat in only 40 days! We assess the many metabolic factors to genetically make sure you not only lose the weight, but ensures you keep it off and stay healthy for a lifetime. 

Attending the Initial Evaluation and Consultation is normally $99, but by registering on our website it will only cost $27!  We welcome the opportunity for you to have a consultation with us, so register online now!  


Here’s to healthy, happy, and wonderful 2019! 

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