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William K – Lost 32lbs

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“I thank you and the staff for getting me to this point”

Dr. Turovets,
 My name is William K and I am dropping a line to first say thank you, Lori, and the staff for pointing out the problem I have had with my weight and why losing weight can be impossible without the proper help.
I have been in a funk for many years and with that funk came the weight gains. Any Dr. that you go to does not want to talk about the elephant in the room, I know, couldn’t pass on that one, but they love to write the blood pressure meds that doesn’t address the aches and pains that are stopping you from exercising even a little bit. With this program I am on day 37 and have stayed the course with little to no problems.
My weight is down approx. 32lbs but more importantly I feel the difference in my knees legs and back. I thank you and the staff for getting me to this point ending phase 2 and heading to phase 3. I have to say this program addresses the why’s of weight gain and gives you a way to get the weight off.  I am looking forward to entering phase 4 &5.. and staying the course. One day you might need a spokesman..
Bill K

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