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lost 20 lbs in 23 days

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“I just wanted to update you on my story. Success!!”

Hi Doc & Lori ,
I just wanted to update you on my story. Success!! Lost 20.6 pounds in 23 days on the program. My body fat has improved from 30.1% to 26%, and muscle mass gone from 28.3% to 30.4%. Water has gone from 56% to 59.1%. These numbers indicate to me that the weight I’ve lost is fat, not water or muscle tissue.

HERE’S THE BEST PART: I was averaging a morning blood sugar of 170 on medication prior to the program. I’ve GRADUALLY stopped all 3 diabetes meds because I’m now averaging blood sugar of 92. Blood sugar 86 this morning! Went to the endocrinologist yesterday. She was ecstatic about my blood work and that I am off all diabetes meds. A1C level improved to 6.4 from 8 in May.
I told my doctor that on Saturday, August 1, at my nephew’s graduation party, I was VERY bad. I ate my way across the buffet, desserts, chocolates to a point that would have driven my sugar to 350 by the next morning. It was only 117! (Weight went up a little, but within 2 days it had come off along with further loss.)
She said that is because my system is working normally as it was designed to regarding processing sugars and that I should stay off meds as long as levels remain good. Next appointment is 4 months instead of 3. If all remains the same, my appointments will go to every 6 months!

She had to sign a Department of Transportation semiannual form for my diabetic condition. She noted on the form that my condition in controlled with diet alone, no medications! If I can maintain these levels for 2 years, I will no longer be considered as diabetic.

So far, all is great, and I expect my weight to drop into the 180’s range for the first time in 30 years during the coming week!

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