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Gavriel F

By February 15, 2017 No Comments

“I feel like I see life in a very different kind of way”

I lost 25 pounds!

I really think you guys for all of the encouragement and support. The system is pretty amazing. However, the largest dose of my thanks goes to my wonderful wife who took this responsibility squarely on her shoulders. This diet was much harder on her than it was on me!

Regarding physical health benefits, I actually just went to my regular doctor yesterday for my annual physical. He obviously was happy to see my weight-loss, and my blood pressure was stellar. I will be getting my lab results hopefully today or tomorrow. I can keep you posted on the results!

Actually think that the biggest benefit for me, aside from just feeling great from losing excess poundage, was the “spiritual” element of this whole thing.it’s the kind of thing that I don’t think anyone who hasn’t done this program or something similar can relate to. Maybe I’m wrong. But here goes: I feel like this program has made me much more conscious of my relationship with food. It has certainly made me less reliant on food. It has made me feel more like a “person” this detachment from food I feel has allowed me to grow as a person. I feel like I see life in a very different kind of way. I don’t know if this sounds too corny or strange, but so be it!

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