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“The program was worth every penny”

Dear Dr. Turovets,

I thought you might like to have an update on my experience with the NUVO Diet.

I began on April 9 at 282, and on the 40th day, May 18, was 250. The extraordinary thing about this and that 32 pound loss is that during the time, I was in the midst of retirement celebrations, and having at least one meal each day in a restaurant.

You may recall that I asked to continue beyond day 40 and did so, during the time of a move from NYC to Northern New Hampshire, plus an 11 day trip to the UK, four of those days at a conference center where I had very little control over meals. I did my best to watch it, and came back to the states June 18 at 238. Now I’m through all of the transition and have been on a normal 2130 calorie diet since mid July, and after another six pound loss, amd hovering at 232 + or – 2 pounds, simply by watching the calorie count.

Problems? Primarily with wardrobe—none of it fits and has been given away.

One other thing, my cardiologist was following all of this very carefully, and had asked me to check in with him by phone on a weekly basis with a report on blood pressure as well as general sense of well-being (he had been treating me for high blood pressure and other related concerns for the last ten years). By the end of May, I called, and he reduced my meds in half – Lasix and Metropol. The following week, he took me off of them altogether.

So, as of the end of May, I have been medication free except for a baby aspirin, and my blood pressure floats between 120/70 to 125/72 with a heart rate in the low 50’s to high 40s.

Since ending the diet, I have again taken up fairly regular exercise, either swimming 30 to 40 minutes a day or 25 min on an ellipsis, or extended walking, and, of course, the strength is returning with a bit of muscle soreness but that is passing.

So, thank you! The program was worth every penny.

Thanks again (and yes, I’m back to Martini’s!—but counting them!)

Bye the way, I don’t plan to stay to 232, but have a target of 210-215, but want to do that over the next year or so, simply by reducing calorie intake.


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