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“To Frank, From David”

Dear Frank,

Just heard that you will soon be starting the NUVO fat loss Program.

The cynic that I am I did not immediately jump into this. On the advice of a brilliant Biochemist/Diagnostician friend who analyzed the science of this Program, he too did this Program and subsequently dropped 50 pounds.

My wife and I started this Program last March. Claire dropped 20 pounds — 140 to 120; I dropped 30 — 221 to 191. We were both in excellent health before and feel even better now. We’ve both maintained our new weight. The Program will provide “tools” or tips how to quickly drop any added pounds should your weight increase after a big meal, drinks, etc.

Result: My regular physicians including my Cardiologist and Internists are delighted with my new weight. Blood test results are all right where they should be. Claire and I both feel great, lots of energy, and a whole new wardrobe that just happened to be in our closet!

Wishing you well.

Warm regards,


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